Agency Requirements

Does your agency/project meet the following criteria?

  • Agency currently exists as a registered society under the Societies Act of Alberta (Minimum Requirement).
  • Assists adults who have no income / low income, are homeless or at risk of being homeless.
  • Assists youth / kids from low-income homes to access basic needs and social enrichment programs.
  • Recipients require assistance with accessing basic needs (i.e. maintaining / securing employment, education, medical services, housing, other social needs to obtain self-sufficiency) and / or social enrichment.
  • Recipients have exhausted all other means of social / financial support for adults and youths.
  • Protocols for how tickets will be distributed are included with this application form.

If you answered yes to the minimum requirement and at least one of the questions above, you may be eligable to participate in The City of Calgary Participation And Integration Program.

PIC Application (PDF)

PIC Application (RTF)