About the PIC Program

In June 1997, City Council approved a proposal from the (then) Community and Social Development and Transportation Departments to establish the Transportation Assistance Project (TAP); an initiative which would make free transit tickets available to community agencies for subsequent distribution to their no/low-income clients. The underlying premise for the program was that providing transportation access would allow these individuals the ability to get a job, access medical services find housing and acquire educational opportunities.

Beginning with a 1997 allocation of 30,000 tickets annually to 27 agencies, the program gradually but consistently grew, based on the most recent data available, to distribution of 65,200 tickets to 81 agencies in 2012/2013. In 1999, the project's name changed to the Participation and Integration into the Community (PIC) Program. Further, while the program was initially administered by FCSS, in 2003, FCSS contracted with the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre (The DI) to administer the program on behalf of The City. This arrangement has been maintained since that time.