Welcome to the Calgary Transit PIC Program


  • Tickets will be distributed at no cost to people who have no/low income, are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Tickets will be provided to enable eligible individuals to access time-limited activities associated with the following: maintaining and securing employment, education, medical services, meeting basic needs, housing search and obtaining services essential to self-sufficiency and/or enrichment.



  • Oversee the entire PIC Program.
  • Distribute/deliver tickets to The DI two times per year, in July and January.
  • Collect and return unused tickets from The DI to Transit.
  • Review reports generated through The DI.

Calgary Transit

  • Determine the number of tickets available for PIC at a number equivalent to 6% of Calgary's population in the previous year.
  • Deliver tickets to FCSS. Tickets will be distributed two times per year, in June and December.
  • Review reports generated through The DI.
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions on the refinement of program.

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre

  • Remain as The City's administrative partner for the PIC program for the next two years.
  • Coordinate and distribute tickets to agencies.
  • Administer new agency applications; both the handling of inquiries and all new PIC applications.
  • Provide renewal forms to pre-existing agencies.
  • Submit agency protocols (including updates) annually to FCSS.
  • Submit request to FCSS for transit tickets.
  • Distribute tickets to each agency.
  • Ensure that agencies have accounted for and reported on the tickets previously allocated before receiving the next allotment of tickets.
  • Provide comprehensive program data to FCSS a minimum of twice annually in a manner agreeable to The City.
  • Collect and return unused tickets to FCSS who will then provide them to transit for an exchange of new fare amounts.
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions on the refinement of program.


  • Agencies must be a registered society in order to be eligible for tickets.
  • Develop protocols that are current and on file with The DI Program Administrator in order to guide distribution and curb against potential abuse of the bus tickets.
  • Upon receipt of new tickets, agencies will verify the number of tickets received and, depending on their individual agency procedures, may lock most away (i.e., in a safe) and leave a few available for immediate use, or may distribute to various programs in the agency.
  • Provide tickets to clients based on eligibility requirements, track and report according to the individual agency's procedures.
  • Keep contact information and ticket usage reporting up to date on the PIC website.


In an effort to continuously refine the PIC Program, FCSS and Calgary Transit will continue to examine the present delivery model of the program to determine if it is the most effective and efficient approach to delivering free transit tickets to homeless and marginalized populations. As part of implementation of the Fair Calgary Policy, The City is exploring a single entry or 'one window approach' which will align eligibility for, and potentially coordinate delivery of, The City's citizen-directed subsidy programs.


The key contacts for the PIC program are as follows:

The City of Calgary, FCSS:
Robbie White
Social Planner, Partnership Management
Phone: 403.268.8298
e-mail: robbie.white@calgary.ca

The City of Calgary, Calgary Transit:
Tess Abanto
Coordinator - Revenue Streams
Phone: (403) 403.537.7868
e-mail: tess.abanto@calgary.ca

The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
Amy Xerri
Employment Services Specialist
Phone: 403-699-8293
e-mail: amyx@thedi.ca